8th Annual Nursery and Plant

8th Annual Nursery and Plant

Saturday, May 6, 2017 - 5:00am
Sale Location: 
13071 Emerson Rd
Apple Creek, OH 44606

Annual Nursery Auction

Sat. May 6th                                                     

   NEW LOCATION Sprunger Building in
Kidron          GPS 13071 Emerson rd.
Applecreeek Oh.44606 2000 plants,Trees,Shrubbery,Flowers,misc. plants, Outdoor
Furniture,Surplus Patio furniture and more List of items,
(35) Norway spruce 10-12ft. (35)
White spruce 10-12ft. (100) Norway spruce in pots,(100) Eastern red cedar in
pots,(27) Cleveland select flowering pear,Colorado blue spruce,Wichita blue
spruce,assorted fruit trees,Apple&Pear, Dogwood trees,Japanese maple,Weepingcherry,Huckleberry
Flowering cherry,Royal frost birch and more. Lots of
perennials,Azaleas,Rhododendrons,Roses,Lilies,Lilacs, Hydrangea,Lots of hanging
baskets, and much more..                    
Note:  Plan your spring planting
here, all plants are in A-1 condition from licensed nurseries. We will have
approx. 1500 perennials to choose from, we will be open for preview Friday from
5 to 8pm.                                  
Cash,Check,Visa&Master card  with a
7% buyers premium. Sales tax  will be

                   James Mast Auctioneer (330)
317 3539                        Assisting
Auctioneers Steve Chupp, Kevin Lehman Apprentice

   Terms: Cash,Check,Visa&Master card  with a 7% buyers premium. Sales tax  will be charged.