Steve, at Steve Chupp Auctions LLC, started his auctioneering company in 1991 at the same time he started a manufacturing business making hardwood furniture. In 2006, he transitioned to auctioneering full time. Steve was introduced to Kevin Grace, owner of Whitetail Sales and Service out of Missouri, in 2003. Kevin was conducting a deer auction in Ohio and needed an Ohio licensed auctioneer to help. Steve was hired to assist Kevin’s preferred auctioneer; however, the auctioneer missed his flight and didn’t make it until two hours after the auction started. Prior to the auction, Steve had never met Kevin Grace or even attended a deer auction. They started the auction an hour late and despite Steve’s nerves and butterflies, the auction ended with amazing success.

Since Steve had an Ohio license, he could get licensed in most any state due to reciprocity, and thus became Kevin’s preferred auctioneer. Steve has conducted auctions for the deer industry all over the United States such has High Roller Whitetails, Deer Breeders Co-op (twice a year), Texas Deer Association (twice a year), Ohio 3-day Taxidermy and Antler Auction, Florida Deer Association, Alabama Deer Association, Ohio Trophy Buck Auction, and Indiana Trophy Buck Auction. Steve has come to appreciate the deer breeders as they are some of the nicest and most loyal people a person could work with. As well as deer auctions, Steve conducts both onsite and/or online auctions for household, chattel and properties, furniture, collector items, gun auctions, knives, food service equipment, liquidation sales, fundraisers, etc., and sells cars two days a week. Steve either conducts or participates in roughly 250+ auctions a year.

Steve Chupp Auctioneer

The Bi-Annual Furniture Auction (April and October) is Steve’s largest auction. Steve started 23 years ago with approximately 12,000 sq. ft and one ring and currently has seven rings, employing over 90 people plus 15 auctioneers and selling around 3,500 lots (98% new) in approximately 120,000 sq. ft. in one day. Items offered at the Bi-Annual Furniture Auction include bedroom suites, beds and bedroom furniture, dining room sets, upholstered furniture, storage buildings, poly patio furniture, rustic and log furniture, tables only, chairs only, small furniture items (coffee tables, end tables, entertainment stands, hutches, cabinets, etc.) and much more. From Steve’s experience over the last 30+ years, he has realized the only way to strengthen his auction company is through a team effort. He often will fold in other auctioneers at events to help build a strong company brand and ensure his business meets his clients’ needs.

Steve Chupp is the owner and auctioneer of Steve Chupp Auctions LLC. He has been married to his awesome wife, Brenda, since 1994 and they have four daughters: Nevaeh Grace, Olivia Rose, Sophia Joy and Amie Noel.