Knife Auction and Gun Auction Wednesday, March 20

Knife Auction and Gun Auction Wednesday, March 20

Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 12:00pm
Sale Location: 
8076 State Route 241
Millersburg, OH 44654

Knife Auction - Wednesday, March 20, 12 Noon

Raber Gun Collection Auction - Wednesday, March 20, 2024 - 5 PM

125+ Guns - We will sell scopes, ammo and sporting goods starting at 4 PM

Part of our 3 Day 11th Annual Taxidermy/Gun/Knife Auction

 The Auction will be held at The Mt Hope Auction Event Center, located 8076 State Route 241 Millersburg, Ohio 44654

The auction will be held in conjunction with Mid Ohio Alternative and Bird auction.

Online bidding will be available.


Large consignment of Case XX collectible quality knives. Custom knives from Wild Horse Customs, Yellowhorse Customs, Case knives in collector tins, custom handle and limited edition Case knives. Other brands from Remington, Spiderco, Schrade and more. 

Norm Holcomb Knives: Randall Custom Knives Mo 4 Small Game Skinner 4 1/2” Blade, Mo 2 Military Style 7” Blade, Mo 1 Fighting Knife 6” Blade Leather Handle, Mo 1 Fighting Knife 7” Blade Leather Handle, Mo 25 Trapper 5” Blade Various Miniature Randall Knives 45+ Custom Made Knives


Gun List:

Hand Guns:  Browning Buck Mark 22 ca, Browning Buck Mark medallion SS 22 cal NIB, Colt Lord cased set 22 short NIB, Glock 17 Gen 5 9 mm special edition NIB, Ruger 22 cal (nice with box), Springfield XD 9 subcompact with laser NIB, Taylors Company 1873 45 colt nickel NIB, Tauras Judge SS 45-410”, Kimber micro 9 mm with 3” SS brl, Keltec CMR 30 22 mag, Keltec P50 575 x 28, Ruger old Mo Super Bearcat, Tauras Raging Bull 454 Casull, S&W 22A-1, S&W MP 9 shield EZ 9 mm NIB, S&W 460 with Red dot scope, Ruger single six 22 mag only w/9½” extra grips, Ruger single six 22 LR and 22 mag 4 and 1/2 in brl 50 year anniversary w/box, Ruger Bearcat Rosewood 22 LR NIB, Ruger Mark II target SS 22 LR, Ruger Mo super Blackhawk 44 mag 7 ½“ brl, Colt Civil War Centennial set 22 short, Colt DiaMondback 38 spl 4” brl, Colt DiaMondback 22 LR 6” brl, Colt Challenger 22 LR 6” brl, Colt 1908 Vest pocket 25 cal, Colt Huntsman 22 LR  1976 plastic grips, Colt Huntsman 22 LR 6” brl 1959 walnut grips, 1993 Colt Anaconda 44 cal  4” SS brl,  Colt Trooper III 4” blue brl 357 cal 1972, Colt Trooper III 22 LR 8” Brl Blue 1980, Colt Python 357 mag 6“ Brl nickel 1981, Colt Peacemaker 22 LR 7 ½” brl, Colt King Cobra 357 mag  3” brl SS Mo D NIB, Colt 1903 32 cal 4 “ brl Type III 1916, Colt Woodsman 2nd series target 1950 22 cal, Colt Detective Special 38 Spl 2” brl post war second issue, Colt Frontier Scout 22 LR 6” brl Wild Bill Hickock NIB
Shot Guns: Browning Citori 12 NIB, Beretta 686 28 ga Silver Pigeon 30 brl NIB, Stevens Mo 94 single shot, Tri Star TT Combo Trap 12 ga NIB, Tri Star TT 15 Trap 12 ga NIB, Silver Eagle SE 202 20 ga NIB, Rock Island VRF 14” 12 ga, Stoeger Condor Competition 20ga  w/box, Rem 870 Wingmaster 28 ga NIB, Rem 1100 trap 12 ga, Rem 1100 12 ga, Rem 870 Express 12 ga, Ithaca Featherlight 12 ga, Win Mo 12 ga Trap Milled Rib #3 wood full choke, Win Mo 12 12 ga Mill rib modified choke, Win Mo 37 20 ga youth Red Dot, Win Mo 20 410 ga, Win Mo 41 410 ga, Win Mo 24 12 ga 1939, Win Mo 12 12 ga Y trap, Win Mo 120 youth 20 ga, Weatherby Centurian II 12 ga Deluxe
Rifles: Henry Silver Boy Trump 22 LR NIB, Kimber Mo 84M Hunter 243, Kimber 84L Montana SS 270 cal Rem Mo 700 65 Creedmoor NIB, Rem Mo 700 BDL 300 win mag,  Rem Mo CDL 7mm Rem mag NIB, Rem Mo 700 BDL 7mm mag, Rem Mo 541T 22 LR, Rem Mo 581 22 LR, Rem Mo Apache 77 Green 22LR,  Winchester  Mo 94 30-30 cal, Win Mo 94 32 Win Spl, Win Mo 30WCF Centennial High grade, Win Mo 94 76 bicentennial 30-30 cal NIB, Win Mo 94 78 Antler Game NIB 30-30 cal, Win Mo 71 348 cal, Win Mo 55 30 wcf nickel, Win Mo 07 self loading 351cal, Win Mo 70 264 cal w/scope, Win Mo 70 3006 1940, Win Mo 220 swift 1959, Win Mo 100 308, Win Mo 88 284 cal 1966, Win 9422 22 mag, Win Mo 9417 17 HMR, Win Mo XTR 375 cal, Win Mo 70 FW deluxe 7mm-08 NIB, Win Mo 70 FW Deluxe 270 WSM NIB, Win Mo 70 standard 225 Win, Colt Saver 270 cal, Infield Mark 303 British, Mak 90 sporter 762x39, Norinco SKS 762x39, Stevens Mo 87-A 22LR, Savage Mo 110 Apex 450 Hunter NIB, Savage Mo 12 308 SS 26” fluted brl lam stock, Savage Mo 25 LTWT 222 Rem NIB, Savage Mo 12 204 cal SS lam stock, Weatherby MO  MV 300 w/mag, Weatherby MV 3006 spiral flute brl Iam stock, Ruger Mo 10/22 Ohio Trump NIB, Ruger American predator 65 Creedmoor NIB, Ruger 10-22 WV Summer County Trump 1 of 1, Ruger M77 7mm, Ruger 10-22 ss 75th Annv NIB, Ruger Mo Mini 30 762x39, Ruger mini 14 223 SS folding stock, Browning BBR 300 Win mag w/exotic wood (1 of 5 w/exotic wood), Browning BAR 338 Win mag Grade II, Browning A Bolt Gold medallion 7 MM, Browning Mo A bolt stalker 7mm, Browning Mo X Bolt Hells Canyon Long range 65 Creedmoor,  2 Henry 22 lever, Henry Golden Boy 22 LR NIB, Henry Golden Boy Flag 22 LR NIB.

Note: A very good clean gun collection with a lot of new in the box.  We will have approximately 1 hour worth of scopes, ammo and sporting goods before we sell guns at 5 PM. 


Gun Auction Terms:
Restrictions: All bidders must be at least 18 yrs old for long guns and 21 yrs old for handguns, and must reside in the United States. (Residents of California or New York City, New York, DO NOT BID ON ANY FIREARMS).  ALL handguns must be shipped if Non-Ohio Resident.  All items sell strictly as is with no warranties. All Federal regulations will apply.
Payment Terms for (Ohio) Residents: Cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. 3% convenience fee added for all credit card sales. There will be a 7% buyer’s premium charged on all in person sales. Payments to be made in-full day of sale, and buyers are to pick up all firearms. 
Payment Terms for (Non-Ohio) Residents: Cash, Visa or MasterCard. No out of state checks. 3% convenience fee added for all credit card sales. There will be a 7% buyer’s premium charged on all in person sales.  An additional transfer fee of $20 per gun will be added to all purchases, plus $25. shipping costs on all hand guns. Payments are to be made in-full the day of sale. Buyers must complete background paperwork with Premier Outdoors, and pick up the Firearms (long guns only) at Premier Outdoors within their regular store hours. All handguns need to be shipped to an FFL holder (Gun Shop) in your state. 
Online Payment Terms: 20% Buyer’s Premium added to all online sales, plus shipping costs and transfer fees. Shipping costs of ($40 per long gun) or ($25 per handgun) or ($25 per lot, knives) will be added to your invoice. Shipping for taxidermy and other items TBD after purchase. Additional shipping costs may incur if value of purchase exceeds $1,500. Transfer fee of $20.00 per gun will be added to your invoice.


Terms for in person buyers are Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express will incur a 11% buyer’s premium and cash or check will incur a 7% buyer’s premium.  Local sales tax is 7% unless exempt. Online buyers will incur an 18% buyer’s premium. See Gun auction terms in text on this listing.